About Us

Moir collaborates with most of the European companies which produce in series or custom made furniture, accessories and decorative or architectural lighting. Within our concept store we display representative design items, we offer specialized design services and we host different types of activities such as: presentations, art showings, press conferences, workshops and differently themed events.

Moir is the Official Dealer of Delta Light in Romania. Delta Light’s product portfolio has the widest range of architectural lighting products, both for interior and exterior light design. Their Headquarters and factory are located in Wevelgem, Belgium. Founded in 1989 by designer Paul Ameloot, Delta Light is, at the moment, at global level, the most appreciated and renowned company that combines product design with the most innovative lighting technologies. In this respect, we offer the consultancy and the light study necessary, we hand pick from a range of approximately 5000 products, the best options, according to cost and design requests, for all types of projects.

We identify the most suited furnishing and lighting options for residential areas and public spaces-hotels, medical clinics, showrooms, commercial centres, office spaces, conference halls, restaurants and bars. Therefor we offer support throughout the whole duration of the project, starting with measurements and finishing with fitting the products.